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When I started working on using Processing for mashing the almost-3D images generated by the Kinect with music and color, I had a certain soundtrack in my head. The soundtrack was fast, heavy and very energetic. It wove through scales and beats, it sped up when it felt like and slowed when it wanted. It never once wavered or felt forced. It was Skyharbor’s music.

Skyharbor, as any ‘metal fan’ ought to know, is possibly India’s latest ‘breakout’ sound. It’s young and has achieved more accolades (recording deal included) than most long gray haired, now mellowed down, disintegrating jeans wearing and jhola carrying ‘rock musicians’ of yore had ever dreamed of. Except that it’s faster, more nuanced and more technical. If you liked the movie ‘Rockstar‘, then this is not for you. If you like ‘Guitar Hero’, then dont try this at home, you’ll lose a few fingers. (I’m a fan boy if you hadnt already noticed).

The problem was, that the music was ready and musician willing. The processing hack wasn’t ‘there’ yet. By some measure, I still dont think it’s ‘there’. But with this video for Skyharbor’s ‘Celestial’, I’m certain that it’s getting there.

After a lot of dithering, last saturday Sowmya and I went over to Keshav Dhar’s place to record him play using a little Processing code I had written. The code capture’s a ‘point cloud’ generated by the Xbox Kinect when it recognizes and records the human form. It then varies the color of the cloud according to the sound in the Kinect’s vicinity. I used a Xbox controller to move the Kinect image in order to get more angles of Keshav playing. We then imported the video in Final Cut Pro and edited it.

I hope you like it!

Here’s ‘Celestial’ by Skyharbor.



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