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In March 2013, Mana Organics approached us to build them a website. The brief itself was quite simple, we had to create an easy-to-understand-and-navigate site that showed what the ‘Mana Organics’ brand stood for: social enterprise, sustainable development in rural India and (of course) high quality organic and natural products. Mana also gave us an insight into their journeys in rural India (around Madhya Pradesh and Assam), images from the journeys and the content that they wanted to post online. It certainly helped that they had a very clear idea of what they wanted. After all, their founding members Avantika Jalan and Rashmi Sirkar have several years of experience in organic farming and design respectively. This experience came very handy, as they were able to help us with content and images that they wanted online. We decided to use ‘Harpoon‘, an elegant minimal theme which gives ample space for images and integrates well with facebook. Harpoon is also a responsive theme, that is, it adapts to the screen size that you are viewing it on. In easier terms, it works well on smartphones, tablets and computer screens. But like all themes, it needed to be tweaked and changed according to what Mana wanted. On one hand, they got a website on which they could showcase images of their products and their journeys. On the other hand, Harpoon has a quirk: it doesn’t arrange posts according to the date on which they’re published on the home page, but according to the number of ‘likes’ the posts have. These ‘likes’ aren’t even facebook likes, they could be just website likes. If that wasn’t enough, you have the option to ‘generate likes’ to ensure that certain posts show above others. While this ‘like’ system is a bit awkward, we were able to work around it. In the end, Mana Organics got a website that proudly displayed its brand, its products and gave a space for the managing partners to showcase all the different initiatives and places that they are venturing into. If you liked the website and (actually) read this post, you can ‘like’ their Facebook Page Mana Organics to stay updated on the freshest, cleanest and tastiest produce in the country. Mana blog image  



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