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Designing for print is an art unto itself. Working predominantly in the digital space, we don’t always stop to appreciate the value of a 300 dpi 1000 x 1000 pixel image – if anything, an image that exceeds a megabyte in size is campaign suicide when creating for digital. Production of graphics for screen is not quite the same thing as print production where the file that ultimately goes out to the printer may easily exceed a gigabyte in size.

But technical constraints and the quest for high quality images aside, print design is a challenge we are happy to take on. So when Omoco approached us with a brief that included designing a brochure for an upcoming event alongside managing their social media channels, we were happy to get cracking.

The Omoco team had given us more or less free reign with the brochure and flex design, asking us to come up with something new and innovative. The catch? It had to be ready and printed in two weeks.

Within two days we were ready with two initial designs for the brochure. We took up two different directions – one, an adventurous, hexagonal fold out brochure; the other a more conventional booklet style.

In terms of design, we developed minimal line-drawings that explained each of the different Omoco products, which, in themselves can be quite technical and difficult to understand.

brochure design omoco 3

brochure design omoco 4

When we presented these to the client, we found that while they did like the line drawings, they were not sold on the starkness of the colour palette. We had limited ourselves to the red and white colours that made up their logo, while they were looking for a broader colour palette and a different design aesthetic.

With that in mind, we moved on to a more ambitious design aesthetic using flat-style illustrations of the areas Omoco covers to communicate how they work. The brochure, at this point, took the reader through the brand story, the areas where Omoco products could be put to use, and the groups to which Omoco was relevant. Once again we created a standard booklet-style brochure as well as a less clunky version of the hexagonal fold-out as well.

brochure design omoco 1


brochure design omoco 5

After a more intensive feedback session with the client – and this time with the larger team – we found out that what our designs were missing was a ‘human’ component. How can we talk about communication, connectivity and mobile networks without showing the people, their stories and how the product has the ability to change lives?

With this crucial bit of feedback, we went back to the drawing board with a whole new perspective, and an entirely new plan. Gone were the ideas of illustrating how the product worked. We switched over to an image based brochure that, through clear images and crisp copy, expressed how individuals and organisations from each of our demographics could use and benefit from Omoco.

brochure design omoco 2

The end result – a beautiful, informative, and to-the-point piece of print collateral ready just in time for the event. We may have had a late night or two at the office, but holding the brochure in our hands made all the time and energy spent on creating it worth it.



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  • admin

    Nov 27th 2017

    Glad to know that Vishnu!

  • Vishnu Mohan

    Nov 27th 2017

    Really informative article about brochure designing, we also follow these tips while designing and printing brochures!

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