Tingamira: Branding and Packaging for Assam Tea

Ah spring has already gone, leaving behind the first taste of summer!

With endless hot and sunny days on the horizon, I can’t help but daydream about heading to the hills, playing guitar under the stars at night, with a few cups of tea with friends and conversation. Experiencing all the fun that goes along with summer. Over the past few weeks, we’ve been thinking this would be the right time to write a blog on Tingamira Black Tea in order to re-energise our lazy summer days.

We worked on the logo and and packaging design for Tingamira black tea a few months back. Our second branding project, first being Midori Green Tea, also came from Chota Tingrai Tea Estate, in Dibrugarh, Assam. Unlike any other tea, this Assam premium black tea comes in pyramid tea bags. And in those bags, is a tea that is produced by blending the finest of orthodox and ctc tea grades, creating a flavour, aroma and strength that is unique. That uniqueness comes from how fresh the tea is, something that Tingamira calls ‘from bush to the teacup’.

We kick started this project with logo design. After a lot of brainstorming with the client, over phone calls, meetings, whatsapp, we finally closed on a few ideas for what the brand should look like:

-Sketches of a tea factory shed around a tea garden with pluckers and a traditional tea bungalow. We felt that the skteches would give the brand and the packaging an older or ‘classic feel’ .


tingamira blog-15

– We were told, that when the Chotta Tingrai tea estate was established, there used to be steamers that carried tea across the Brahmaputra river to markets and distributors on the other side of the river. Steam powered cargo railways were used to move tea We felt that we could also use the streamers and the railways as inspiration for the logo.

tingamira blog-13

tingamira blog-14

– We also thought of using the Assamese Gamucha (Traditional Assamese towel) as a motif in the designs

After looking at a number of visual and mnemonic concepts, we locked down on using Assam tea estate bungalow and tea garden for the logo.




We really liked the feel of the design and decided to stick to the classic or ‘old’ design style. Since the Chota Tingrai was established in 1943, we feel that the classic style also worked well with the tea garden’s long history with tea. After several cycles of reviews and feedback, we came up with a final colored logo that the client really liked. At this point it was time to move to the packaging design.

tingamira blog-01

Packaging design for Tingamira was quite interesting because we got chance to play around a triangular box instead of the regular rectangular boxes or cylindrical tins. We also felt that the triangular boxes went well with the pyramid tea bags. We had to design this triangular box so that it could hold 50 pyramid tea bags. We carried forward the classic or ‘old’ look and design of the logo and for the packaging created an illustration of a tea garden and clouds kissing hills in the horizon. On that we added a Gamucha patterned cream colored background, to bring out the flavour of Assam in the overall design. We followed this look further to create a Quality stamp which sticks on top of the tea box and a Product Seal design which acts as a seal of the packaging.


Tingamira was one of our favorite projects: we loved working on all the little details that went into it. We hope you like it too!



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  • admin

    May 15th 2018

    Hi Pritisha, Glad you liked the article. We're currently on hiatus and not accepting projects at the moment. Thanks!

  • Pritisha

    May 15th 2018

    Hello! I found the article quite informative. As I am a green tea manufacturer and I am looking for a team who would work on the logo and design for my brand. Please revert Regards

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