The Ignorant Guy’s Guide to Blueant Digital

My 2 month internship at Blueant was to be my first full blown experience of Delhi. I was fascinated by it’s history and was excited at the boundless possibilities that awaited me in a new city. Nevertheless I was anxious about fitting in and whether I would learn anything substantial during the internship.

The good and affable people at Blueant blew all my expectations out of the water. I had anticipated walking into a staid and dull workplace, filled with equally colourless personalities. Instead I witnessed an eclectic bunch of energetic, motivated people working in an environment that reminded one more of a friends’ hangout spot rather than an office. However this didn’t mean that they were slackers at work. I learnt this the hard way.

A week or two into my internship, I was working on a project involving a reputed client. I was assigned this task by none other than Headant himself. I had settled into a nice working rhythm by then and expected this to be another run-of-the-mill research work. However, upon reviewing my substandard work, Headant gave me an absolute shellacking. Odes could be written about the methodical and measured way in which he went about dismantling my ill-advised defense of my work. His legendary words, “ Isko intern waley kaam de do ”, still haunt me whenever I feel like slacking off at work.

This made me question myself and led me to set my priorities straight. I realised this wasn’t the comfortable and familiar confines of a college classroom anymore. I had to wash up my act and actually earn my due out in the real world. Headant’s commitment and passion towards work and his encyclopaedia/brain motivates to better myself everyday.

But let me not be so pretentious as to claim that it will be the only thing that I take away from this place.

The tangential conversations and thoughts of Rant & Antenna (wouldn’t that be a cool name for a TV show?) have taught me to not be afraid to let your crazy spill out. Mutant & Valiant’s creativity has inspired me to nurture my inner artist. Brilliant & Clairvoyant’s cool attitude has taught me how to not let pressure get to me and live life a little. Observing Vibrant has taught me that I need a wardrobe upgrade at the earliest. Accelerant has taught me tackle anything with a smile on his face. Being the lowest in the ant hierarchy has been worth the time.

Enough about the hoomans now, the real stars of the show are Missy & Brandy. If my internship has gone by in a blur, it’s because of the countless moments of joy that they have provided.

As I write this, a momentous event has occurred in the footballing world. Brazilian sensation Neymar has taken his skills away from Barcelona’s amazing football team , in search of a new opportunity and challenge, to the riches of Paris St Germain (PSG). Let me be audacious enough to compare it with my current situation, as I prepare to leave this amazing bunch of people, the likes of who I will never find again in a professional set up. I have learnt a lot and am eternally grateful to all the ants. But unlike Neymar am headed towards a different PSG, Purani Sadi Garibi.

Ignorant Out!



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