BlueAnt Digital Talks to Soumen Bhowmick

There is so much happening in the ‘creative’ fields these days. There are conferences on how creative organizations must come together to form a ‘creative industry’ (wink wink, you know which one I’m talking about). New sites sites come up everyday, some of which show you 20Gifs that are apparently funny and assert your ‘Indian-ness’ at the same time. We now have ‘pop-up shops’, secret networking dinners for 20 people and invite only indie movie screenings. For us at BlueAnt Digital, its getting hard to keep up with it all.

And that’s only when we ‘actually’ get to leave office. Events aside, for all of us, leaving the office-dungeon at an earthly hour has become a daily struggle that would put the Gandalf-Balrog face off to shame.

So, we thought, if we can’t go to the action, lets bring the action to us. Starting last week, we started ‘BlueAnt Digital Talks’, a series of interactions in which we invite people from the creative fields to come and chat us up. The talks have no agenda and nothing is off-topic. The theme is simply to let creative minds engage, interact and caffeinate.

For our first BlueAnt Digital Talk, we invited Artist (and ex-advertising creative) Soumen Bhowmick to come talk to us. Soumen spoke to us about the difference between ‘art’ and ‘communication’, the aggressive one needs to sell media, his journey from being a commercial artist, advertiser, magazine illustrator to a gallery-only-art-for-arts-sake artist. Soumen recently concluded his first solo exhibition at the Triveni Kala Sangam in Delhi, called ‘Head Tale’. You can read about it here.

You can see some what he spoke to us about, in the series of ‘creatives’ below.






And, a few pictures of us. Because you know.
Rashmi is having trouble keeping her eyes open.

Sid is wondering if he can take Soumen down.

Artistic out of focus shot.

I have trouble smiling. I’m not used to it.




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  • suvankarnandi

    Apr 15th 2014

    very creative observation....

  • headant

    Apr 14th 2014

    Thanks Soumen! It was an absolute pleasure talking to you!

  • soumenart

    Apr 14th 2014

    This is too cool Arjun. Cheers to your team of ants!

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