BlueAnt Digital Talks to Sargam Gupta

What really is ‘Design’?  How do you ‘do’ it?
As an agency that’s evolved from point and shoot photography to professional equipment, monster software and an ever specialized team, these are questions that we’ve never been able to answer.

Is Design merely a value add? Take something, anything, and make it ‘pretty’.
Or is it something deeper? Something that is as important as the engineering that goes into the final product.

For Sargam Gupta, a young designer who’s started Double Decker and has worked with a large agency we won’t mention, design is a way of thinking. It’s the way to look at problem, whether its your logo or the packaging of your product, and create solution that will convey exactly what your brand or product stands for.  At BlueAnt Digital, we’ve been in awe as we’ve watched Sargam work on identity after identity for clients, covering everything from a company that sells juice to music production house. That’s not all, we’ve downloaded every free font she has recommended and shamelessly used them in our graphics and videos. So once we started calling people to our ‘BlueAnt Digital Talks’, it was obvious that we would call Sargam.

We asked Sargam to run us through her process of coming up with identities for brands, what she thought of while working on collaterals for clients and of course, how she found fonts and deployed them in her own work. What’s more, she came with a presentation that introduced us to her ‘Design Thinking’. So, I’m going shut up now, and show you parts of her presentation (this isnt the complete presentation, we asked her to remove bits that showed her completed work; we didn’t think it was right to have them on our site). After that, is a series of ‘creatives’ that we made based on her talk and GIFs! Yes, we made some gifs too. All of that, right below here.

Sargam’s presentation on ‘Design Thinking’




Anika is trying to bite the camera.
She’s not just a designer, Sargam can move too!



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