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In the three years of our existence, we at BlueAnt Digital have tried our best to stay away from controversy. We’ve turned down work where we have to choose a side in a public debate and often, we’ve told our clients to do the same. We feel that the role of business is to sell the product or service they produce, and our role is to amplify the business’ reach and ensure that their message reaches their target audience. And yes, sometimes our conscience does get disturbed, but we tend not to pay it much heed.

blueant digital pradip saha

Pradip Saha chose the other path.
Pradip an ‘Environmental Communicator’, as described by his bio on Down To Earth, decided to contribute to the public debates and take a side. He wanted to explain what ‘Global Warming’, ‘Climate Change’ and ‘Genetically Modified Organism’ meant in terms that would appeal to and be understood by audiences as diverse as casual readers to industry experts. As Pradip put it, his body of work is based on taking complicated research documents, distilling what they would mean to different sections of society and creating design and content that would take the message to those sections. It is what, Damage Control, his communication agency is known for (the site is under reconstruction).

blueant digital pradip saha

For us, it was a whole new universe.
From helping communicate climate change research from coastal regions of Southern India to understanding how different media (text, visuals and video), Pradip took us on a journey that was part history of communication in India, part a socio-economic look at world today and part a discussion on the nature of the internet.

blueant digital pradip saha

It was hard converting the conversation into graphics.
Usually, our experience of meeting people who work with ’causes’ is that they fall into two neat categories: The Believers, from whom the cause is everything, and The Cynics, who know that things won’t quite work out the way they want but want to work in the space anyways. But with Pradip, it was like meeting a motorcycle riding Punk Economist, who would communicate what needed to be said and didn’t quite care if the world thought otherwise.

So here goes.
Here are some other graphics that we created from our discussion with Pradip Saha.

blueant digital pradip saha

blueant digital pradip saha

Pradip enjoys his coffee in a blue cup.

blueant digital pradip saha

This looks suspiciously like a family portrait.

blueant digital pradip saha



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  • Soumen Bhowmick

    May 27th 2014

    Long time back (1997) I worked with Pradipda in CSE. Was doing illustrations and cartoons for Down to Earth magazine. Wonderful days of creativity.

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