BlueAnt Digital talks to Design Logic

We at BlueAnt Digital have been on a constant trek to learn more aspects, styles and uses of design. That’s one reason why we were quite looking forward to our fourth BlueAnt Digital Talk.

The Talker

For this reason, we invited Shujoy Chakraborty from Design Logic. He is a Design Engineer (yes, that’s a real thing) who also has a Ph.D in Design Engineering Human Centered Design from Politecnico di Milano, Italy. Okay that’s some fancy stuff right there! But wait, read on and it will all make simple sense to you.

The Talk

It centred around well – DESIGN! We as an agency have been dabbling with graphic design, web design, app design for the past few years. This talk however opened a new knowledge window for us, where we got to explore and understand the human side of design. Of how human interaction with design impacts little things in our lives and eventually, how it shapes a society.

Role of Design

After having studied and lived in Europe, Shujoy had some interesting observations and comparisons with Indian society’s synergy with design. He has a background in architecture and a doctorate in design engineering. He coupled the 2 areas of his expertise to demonstrate examples of street signage, buildings, OOH design, product usage, packaging to make us see how design-functionality, logic and consistency are all co-related. This was to define the role of good design, to moving it up a notch, from just an art form to a comprehensive engineering subject. Design is not just visual art but an amalgamation of both art and science. A good design doesn’t just look good but also solves a bigger purpose.

Our Takeaway

  • Once you become sensitive to the design aspect of everything around, you eventually turn into a keen observer and inevitably start paying more attention to smaller details.
  • As an agency, the comprehension of the human psychology is highly important, especially when building platforms that deal with UI/UX.
  • Designing needs to be both aesthetic as well as practical, irrespective of the medium.

Shujoy’s presentation for the talk Gist of the talk SHUJOY5 SHUJOY5 SHUJOY5 SHUJOY5 SHUJOY5



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