Augmented Reality
Khoj International

Khoj is an international conglomeration of artists from various fields.


Khoj approached us with a problem: How would people visiting Khoj’s gallery space in 2011, know what it looked like in 2008?


We came up with an augmented reality app called 1 SAM to solve the problem. We built it using Layar – the augmented reality browser that lets one add images, animations and texts to what the camera is pointing at.
All a user had to do was open the app, and select an year from a dropdown, point the phone camera to the walls of the gallery and on the phone screen one would see the gallery walls overlaid with artwork that had been displayed in 2008.
We then extended the concept to one mile around Khoj’s gallery space in Khidki. This meant anybody could point their cameras at any point in the given area and discover for themselves the work done by Khoj in the past in that particular area.


The project serves as an archive for Khoj using which they could not only preserve an artwork but also display it in its original place.
It enabled Khoj to give visitors a new means to interact with art pieces in their gallery.



  • 2011


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