GIFs, Creatives, and Ideas For Food Delivery App

A successful pitch combines an unrivalled understanding of the target audience along with content that will catch their attention. Or that’s what we like doing.

We pitched to ‘App Ki Khaa-tir’ (not the real name of the client, which we will reveal soon), we realised that their target audience is social media savvy and always on the move (‘just like us!’ we exclaimed). To grab their attention we wanted to create topical and trending content or simply put, content that we would like to see. Based on that we came up with two campaigns.

Seasons greatly affect everyday life. Especially the monsoon, which combines the need for hot tea and samosas with the constant threat of bumper to bumper traffic. We created a tagline that highlighted the convenience of App Ki Khaa-tir, with the app, you can get your favourite food delivered to your doorstep, without stepping out in the rain.


One of the concepts was ‘Food Burst’. It showed food falling from the sky like raindrops from three different points of view. These views were based on places that App Ki Khaa-tir’s target audience spent the most amount of time; at work, while commuting, and at home.

For the second campaign, we wanted to use the internet’s obsession with fidget spinners. Our idea was to use the three prongs of the fidget spinners to represent the three meals of the day; breakfast, lunch and dinner. The plan was to take this idea forward with other ‘fidget toys’ like yo-yos, Rubik’s cube, slinkies and more. You can see the fidget spinner concept here:


We did impress our client enough for them to bring us on-board to come with campaign ideas, visualisations and all related collaterals. And what happened next…. well that’s for another post!



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