Ants vs. Pokemon

The ants have been Pokemon Go-ing like nobody’s business for the last fortnight.

Valiant, unsurprisingly, was the first to have rigged his device with the Pokemon Go apk that the rest of us – Constant, Resonant and Kant – immediately mooched off.

Suddenly the mundane surrounds of GK II were thriving with little monsters and the four of us were looking for any reason to get out of the office and go stretch our legs. Exercise and fresh air are good for productivity – everyone knows this.

Everyday was an adventure. Out in the park, we found a wild Dodrio lurking about. It wasn’t long before it was Valiant’s.

pokemon go ants doduo

A rare Jynx appeared as well and while he tried valiantly to capture it, it was Constant who got it by the Pokeballs.

pokemon go ants jynx

On the way back to the office we stopped to snap a selfie with Growlithe.

pokemon go ants growlithe

Closer to the office, we found a rogue Meowth had been hired as a valet.

pokemon go ants meowth

And when got inside, we found Ekans waiting patiently for us.

pokemon go ants ekans

But not all of us are geeking out about the game. Out of the corner of our eye, we can see Antenna rolling her eyes at us as we swap stories about the closest Pokestops and how long before our Poke-eggs hatch. Headant stays comfortably out of the line of fire as the rest of us try, without much success, to explain the concept of these pocket monsters to the very skeptical Deviant:

‘So they’re all around us’


‘But they don’t really exist’


‘So how do you catch them?’

‘You toss a Pokeball at them!’

‘And then?’

‘And then you can make them fight each other’

‘And then?’

‘And then you get more Pokeballs so you can catch more’

‘And where do you get these Pokeballs from?’


‘Where are these ‘Pokestops’?’

‘Everywhere – most of your mandirs, gurdwaras, masjids and temples are pokestops’




‘Right, gotta go, there’s a Jigglypuff in the kitchen.’



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