Animation for Accountability Initiative, Centre for Policy Research


Accountability Initiative, the arm of the Centre for Policy Research that tracks government fund-flows, asked us if we’d like to make them an animated video. The challenge they gave us was to take all the information they had about government structures and fund flows, and simplify and compile this into a two and a half minute video.


We started the process by poring over an extensive document AI shared with us that described the fund-flow process in painstaking detail. Based on this document we came up with an initial script.

Next, it was time to work on the accompanying visuals. We needed to think of icons for each of the different government bodies, and for each kind of fund transfer.

Before getting on to the final animation,  we first ran three colour options for the animation past AI. They picked one  based on paper textures and flat black, reds, blues and greys, which struck the fine balance between being professional, but not dull, and engaging, but not childish.


The final animation serves as an excellent primer on fund transfers between governmental bodies. If you want a quick introduction to how your tax rupee is spent, the causes and consequences of these fiscal transfer mechanisms, and how you can know more about government funding and the work AI does, this is the video for you.
This video was published in Huffington Post on the 25th January 2017 as part of the blog, “Here’s What Really Happens to Budget Rupees for the Social Sector” by Yamini Aiyar.




  • 2017


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