Our First Animated Explanatory Video

After working on Young Monk it was it was time for Bookkeeper, an application that helps business owners understand and manage their accounts. BookKeeper wanted a video that could explain how their app could help entrepreneurs in the daily running of their business.

We thought of creating a simple animated video, which would introduce the app, along with its features, via an example that users could easily connect to. This time though, we had 2 weeks to do it.

To help establish a connection between the viewer and the video, we wanted to come up with a believable character that was close to the app’s target audience.We would then place the character in different business scenarios and then show how the app could help him in these situations. After much discussion, we came up with, ‘Ravi Arora’, a 27 year old garment businessmen, who desperately wants to expand his business.


And how he solves his work-issues, are explained here, in our very first animated explanatory video!



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