And We’ve Turned Two!

BlueAnt Digital completes two years of its existence today.

Two. Whole. Years.

The proximity of the second digit to the very first digit, makes it appear small, insignificant even. In ‘lived time’ though, it’s been a while. Quite a while, in fact, for an agency that is still going through its growth pangs, going from finding its feet to running production marathons.

In our very first year of our existence, we completed three projects: an Augmented Reality layar, an iPad application and a side project for an agency I’d rather not talk about. In the following twelve months, we’ve worked for seven new clients, creating social media strategy and content, and marketing everything from enterprise software to football for youth. It’s been an enormous curve, one that’s seen us move towards active social media applications (as opposed to just consulting), video and text content creation and even building art installations using processing. (No we haven’t abandoned mobile devices, expect news on that soon).

But it’s not just the things we’ve done for clients. In our second year, we conducted two quick and indie events: a projection in Hauz Khas Village that we thought of and executed over a weekend and a film festival that got people from across campuses onto my cramped DDA roof. And yes, there is more of that in the pipe line.

We’ve gone from being a single person company to a two person outfit, that’s looking for another ant (consult-ant, if you may). We added more equipment and started more projects.


I could go on. But I’d rather wait to show you all our new stuff.

While we work on that, have a look at our Instagram based graphic novel on Delhi, called ‘Delhi Hectic’ here.

Here’s to a great year 3!



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  • Ragini

    Feb 1st 2013

    Congratulations BlueAnt!

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