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Warning: if you don’t want to be bummed out, just jump directly to our super exciting and super pretty microsite right here.

When I started BlueAnt Digital in 2011, social and digital media were the ‘future’. People I met in established brands considered this media a passing fad for 17-years olds with smartphones. They didn’t think it was worth thinking about or investing in. But it was the future. We saw stories of political movements and viral videos birthed on social media, the impact of which we’re still feeling till today. Social Media or Digital Media was soon joined by food delivery apps, video streaming services, and taxi apps, as life essentials. The smartphone became more important than the wallet and keys in your pocket. It became the gateway to your ‘real’ life.

The future arrived and as often is the case, it wasn’t exactly as we planned. Facebook is now retreating from news, as it deals with backlash over its impact on the US election, Fake News and use of data it has on all its users. Google having trouble stopping news from unconfirmed sources from showing up first on its search. Physical fitness app Strava accidentally released its users geo-location data, revealing several sensitive locations not previously known to the wider public. Amazon seems to be becoming the next advertising destination for most brands that create things that are ‘physical’.

We all embraced these firms when they emerged; they were ostensibly creating a new world for us, preferably one that helped us forget the hardships of the 2008 global economic crisis. Instead, we’ve come to expect a world dominated by powerful mega-corporations (the race for the first $1Trillion valued company is on), run by non-human algorithms in a world of urban decay and accelerating climate change. We, the users, are stuck in this system, yet feel powerless to change it. Our future has turned out to be cyberpunk. (I don’t even want to mention the looming of threat/advantage that automation on our employment, economies, societies and more).

For us, at BlueAnt, this is a very exciting time. For one, the domination of advertising and content platforms is changing, creating space for new kinds of content and marketing strategies, giving a breath of fresh air to an industry dominated by mass-produced-brain-less content. The second, it gives us a perfect excuse to create more illustrations, gifs, and videos of a dystopian Delhi, oppressed by unbreathable air and technology gone amok. Everything that has viscerally excited me about how humans, their environment and technology interact to create content that truly reflects the time that they live in. We’ve already started sharing some of this work which you can see on our Instagram page here.

Anyhoo. For those too bummed out by my little narrative above, here a link to our Microsite. It showcases the best of our work from 2017, everything from our very first big video projects, to packaging, web design, print advertisements, text content and a whole bunch of other stuff. And at year 7, I feel like we’ve barely gotten started!

Bring on the giant corporations and their giant robots!

Happy 2018 to everyone!



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