BAD Evolution: 6 Years of BlueAnt Digital Intelligence

Evolve or die. That’s not just biological evolution, its fate of all firms that who don’t move with the times. And times they’re a changing at the pace of the Falcon 9 or the hyperloop. From talk of Artificial intelligence to Augmented Reality, the tech-media space is constantly mutating, forming new devices, new mediums and a cheap way to put digital masks on your photo filter.

To not change with the time, is to miss out all the excitement. Sure, Google India founder, Lalitesh Katragadda, told us at Unplugged last year that most of us would lose our jobs to automation and machine learning in 5 years. Yet at the same time, Adobe released some crazy images from a Photoshop + AI hybrid that we just can’t wait to get our hands on.

At an event on the 4th of May in Delhi, Umang Bedi, MD Facebook India and South Asia, spoke about how India is a crucial global market, with tech firms constantly looking for solutions that would only work in our context. He also spoke about how Facebook AI’s is using our choices to show us content that is appeals to the ‘real’ us. This era of tech ‘disruption’ is upon us, and we’re can’t wait to be a part of it.

I started BlueAnt Digital Intelligence in 2011 to work in spaces where media and technology merge to create new interactions and customer engagement. This new era of tech is just beginning to give us tools to create the future that we envisioned. While many people are scared, we can’t wait to be a part of this future.

This future is ‘evolution by other means’ as Ray Kurzweil would say. And with it we have evolved. Our new logo, part organic ant and part machine, represents what we have become and where we’re headed: an analytics driven communication and design firm that loves to stay in the cutting edge of technology.

I am proud and happy to share our experimental work on Augmented Reality and motion capture, along with a new website, new team and all new clients. Year 6 has ended. Year 7 will be bigger and better still!

Happy Birthday BlueAnt Digital!


Arjun Jassal

Headant, Founder, Geek, Techno-punk who hates writing descriptions of himself.

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