5 Years of BlueAnt Digital

When you start something, especially an organisation, you never quite plan its birthdays.

If you go by all the ‘leave your job and start journey’ posts on Facebook, you know you’re expected to work until you reach some premeditated and often-dreamed of, loosely-defined semblance of success. Or so they say. ‘They’ are the entrepreneurs who say things that other people then make ‘inspirational’ posters out of. ‘They’ are also the people who make these posters.

Digital Social Media Design Agency Delhi

At BlueAnt Digital Intelligence, we often forget our birthday for some more, well, practical reasons. For starters, while we love planning (especially parties), we have also come to realise that our plans will always need to face reality head-on. We also have to accept that, most of the time, reality will win.

Digital Social Media Design Agency Delhi

That’s not a bad thing. An over-caffeinated reality is usually easy to deal with, especially since you’re quivering through most of it.

Digital Social Media Design Agency Delhi

But I digress. This year, has undoubtedly been a landmark year for us. From working on music festivals, designing and developing an e-commerce website for a leading women’s fashion brand, creating branding and packaging for an upcoming tea brand and working on social media for start-ups and more, this has been one of the most action packed years there’s been. But that’s not all. We also designed and created our first Drupal-based, content-heavy website this year. And finally, this was the first time we worked on in-house projects on Unity and Construct2 before finally moving to the Adobe Creative Cloud.

Digital Social Media Design Agency Delhi

And man – has our team grown! We now have people with war stories from their agency years to people who go starry-eyed when they listen to those stories (the glassy eyes could also mean boredom). We’ve also had more interns to scream at ever before and more people who can draw, animate, campaign, advertise and execute. Also, our sheer number makes us look more intimidating in a group when we walk into bars after work.

Digital Social Media Design Agency Delhi

As year 6 starts, we can almost smell the new projects, new organisations and new spaces waiting for us to work with them.

I can’t wait for the madness to continue.



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