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The Idea

We all love 3D. The way a movie character pops out of the screen and comes to life, it’s just so exciting. However, there’s more to 3D imagery than the special effects we see in movies. 3D Visualization helps the viewers get a better perspective about objects, even before the object is created or manufactured. The depth and detail 3D visualization offers gives it an element of realism that sets it apart from 2D imagery.


Creating 3D Visualizations is a four-step process:

Modelling: The first step in the creation of 3D visualizations, modelling involves preparing of the basic mesh, upon which details and depth of the final object are added later. This is the basic outline of the model, without any detailing and design elements added on it.

Texturing: Texturing follows modelling, and adds detail to the mesh that was prepared earlier. It adds reflections, directions and various other design elements into the model.

Lighting: The third is lighting, which adds a depth of field to the model. Added with texture, it breathes a sense of realism into the model. Altering the lighting helps a 3D model blend well with the background, which is what brings in this feeling of realism for the viewers.

Post Production: After the raw render is completed, post-production is the final process, which is carried out using various graphic processing software. This is used to add all the additional elements which are not a part of the model, but are present alongside it such as background, flares, etc.


The Result

By allowing the users to explore products from all angles and directions, 3D models help brands visualize how the end product would look like before the production starts. 3D visualisations are useful for brands looking towards new packaging or for those in the real estate industry. What makes 3D Visualization special is the fact that it saves production cost and time – creating a 3D model of a car is easier than creating an actual car!



  • 2016


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