3 things that click on social media

Quick – When was last time you turned to a newspaper for the news?

You’re probably more used to seeing newspapers being used as conical chana-holders than as sources of information. Who needs to know what happened a day ago when news about whatever is happening right now is available right now right at your fingertips (literally)?

Social media platforms are hubs for content sharing – our Facebook feeds are filled with friends sharing articles, photos, jokes, videos and memes. Social media is a forever-fluctuating billboard in a digital consumer’s life.

At BlueAnt, we’re constantly striving to up our game for our clients. When defining our campaign goals and creating the content to achieve them, we have to be mindful of the kind of content our audiences want from us and work on our strategy across networks accordingly.

Not all content is created equal. Over the past few months we’ve noticed some posts work better than others. When a client came to us with a request to reach out to Facebook audiences without using paid promotion or advertising, we knew we had to find a way to make organic content work – a daunting task in the face of Facebook’s decision to suppress the visibility of organic content.

In the initial stages of our work with this client, our weekly page reach was just a little over 6,000 people. But after a week of experimenting with contents, the reach rose to 50,000 with total engagement going up 10 times!

And we didn’t spend a paisa.

How did we do it? Here’s the content we found works best to drive traffic organically to a page.


The user cannot believe such a thing is true! It’s so incredible, so outrageous, and so unlikely that it absolutely must be shared.



Posts are often funny because they’re true. Users can relate to a post that talks about how difficult it is to get out of bed, or how cats are our overlords. If your post gets a LOL, or even a half-smile from the user, it’s bound to be carried forward.



Let’s be honest – life is no cakewalk. Sometimes we all need a little ray of hope sent our way. That’s why inspirational posts work so well. It’s human nature to seek encouragement and positivity. Few can resist passing along a little bit of goodwill to those around them.


So don’t let ever-changing social media algorithms get you down. A cleverly-crafted content plan might be all you need to get your message out to a wider audience.

What posts have you noticed your friends respond to the most? Do they fall into any of the above categories? Let us know in the comments



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