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What does the B.A.D. team do when they have a talented young summer intern on board? Return to its favourite muse – Delhi. Of course and come up with another lens to look at the city.

Vivek joined us last Monday, and we wanted him to develop some maps of Delhi that showcase different types of things the city has to offer. Mapping is something we have never worked with before at BlueAnt. Digital. We decided to treat this as a visualisation exercise rather than an exhaustive depiction of Delhi’s goodies and in case you wondering why all the points of interest are concentrated in one part the map we must admit that our content is limited by our personal experiences of the city.

This was also an interesting way to take our explorations with flat design and icon development further and find a new application for these styles.

Street food of Delhi:


Delhi is famous for its street food but very often we find we just don’t know where to go if we wanted to get a cheap but awesome meal. So we put together a list of our personal favourite street stalls and picked the most popular ones as map-worthy.

Considering how nuanced our street food is creating recognizable icons for ‘shwarma’ and ‘chaat‘ in the minimal flat design aesthetic was quite a challenge!

Monuments of Delhi:


At first glance monuments seemed like a really touristy thing to go with – but Delhi does have some lovely historical spots to go hang out in (when the weather is not trying to kill you) and again, they provided a great opportunity to create icons. The challenge here was to create very familiar icons without looking like a page out of a history textbook and the key to this was keeping the colours and combinations fresh.

Art and Culture in Delhi:

art and culture

Delhi has one of the most vibrant cultural scenes in the country. Every week there are numerous exhibitions, plays, performances and screenings that happen across the city – if only one knew where to go! So we decided to map out some of the more prolific cultural spaces in the city and focus on what activities each is renowned for.

We had a fun time creating these maps and watch this space for more cool stuff Vivek comes up with in his stint at BlueAnt.



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  • Anika Verma

    Jun 26th 2014

    Thank you Saurav. We are glad you liked it. Continue sending us your feedback :)

  • Saurav Tomar (@SauravTom)

    Jun 25th 2014

    Lovely maps, most inspirational thing I saw today.

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