Protectors of the Country – 3 Indian Robots

How many times have you all seen a Kaiju and not imagined it wrecking your city? Or no matter how many Transformers sequels they make, you will always relish a good steely battle between the Autobots and Decepticons.

Yes we too are those kind of people! We, the BAD people, live and breathe science fiction. Our love for the genre, inspired us to come up with the concept of working with Robots. But most sci-fi films and other works of art are all based in the West. Even our favourites anime and manga, are all based out of Japan, we see a massive dearth of an Indian touch in the fantasy storytelling.


Vivek (by now, you would know is our intern) has been working on illustrations using flat styles. The idea was to imagine a sci-fi Indian character, a mammoth bot and create it in flat style. We chose 3 (our magic number) diverse Indian looks with different backgrounds and stories for these robots. Each robot as a protector of his city/region. Here are the first three of many more to come.








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