3 Gifs on Delhi

One evening, few days after I joined BlueAnt Digital, we were sitting around in the office watching some ‘Gif Art’. There was work by artists in America and Europe, but we couldn’t find any from India. With time on our hands, we decided that we would look at Delhi through Gifs. But Delhi is a huge place, it’s very hard to define. So we thought some more and picked up a topic that is very BlueAnt Digital, we wanted to show how technology is changing Delhi. Here is a collection of three of gifs that look at the changing face of our city.

Metro: Welcome to the Delhi Metro, where people are immersed in their music, phones or tablets, oblivious to each other and the city outside the window.


Scooter: We wanted to show the old and new that co-exist in the city. The shiny new glass-metal buildings, the metro that connects them all and juxtapose them against the image of the Indian from the 80’s: a Bajaj scooter riding, moustached gent complete with a flying tie and formal attire.


The Instagrammer:  This is about our obsession to photograph, edit and share everything that is around us.


I really enjoyed working on this project and look forward to working on more Gifs. I hope you like them too!



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  • Sanjeet jha

    Jan 31st 2019

    looking for character designing of football kicker. kindly reach me at 8072865470

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  • Suvankar Nandi

    May 15th 2014

    Hi Maitrayee, These are good ideas indeed! We wanted to look at daily things that happen in Delhi as opposed to the already established facets of Delhi.

  • Maitrayee Chakraborty

    May 15th 2014

    I really liked the gifs. Specially the metro one. I would have liked it more if the city landscape included the Qutub minar and the associated green zones of the city that you can see while travelling in that line. Then there would be a good contrast between the old and new Delhi.

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