2015: A year in review

Its that time of the year, the time when you get exited about Star Wars.

No, sorry. I meant when you look back at the year, all the time spent, all the work done, and beam at what you’ve achieved. Much like what JJ Abrams is doing right now.

And we wanted to do something special, something force-ful, if you get my drift. But then we got busy playing Jedi and Sith, and making buzzing noises while we wielded make-believe lightsabers.

Don’t believe us?
Here’s the light side of the team: Radhika, Sahil, Shubham and Vivek defending all the good design in the universe.

Star Wars Light Side

The dark side, Arjun, Anika and Dennis. Who’re resisting the urge to do good design, in order to design things that clients will like. (Yes, that a bit tongue and cheek. And yes, you know who you are).

Star Wars Dark Side

And before I start pretending that I am flying a TIE fighter, here our the top 5 projects that we loved working on this year.
(The list isn’t complete, there are a lot of projects that we’ve completed but haven’t yet been launched. More on that early next year!)

  1. Mission Hazaar the Game
    Your first game, even if its a simple HTML5 point and click game, has a special place in your heart. And for us, the Mission Hazaar game brought into a whole new territory of mixing a cause (Gender Biased Sex Selection) with an alternate way of interacting with people and holding their attention. More on that here.
  2. Myra’s Best Friend
    Another HTML5 experiment. Myra’s best friend is a storybook, an illustrated storybook, for adults. Yes, we know that sounds strange, but the story of our young protagonist trying to leave her house, animated using Construct2 and published on our website, brought us into the tablet friendly, responsive and animated area of interactive storytelling. More on that here.
  3. HiveMind Animation
    It’s not easy talking about things that no one wants to talk about. Sexual Harassment at the workplace is definitely something that people need to talk about but would rather not. Starting that conversation, is exactly what we were asked to do via a kinectic typography for a client that conducts trainings on sexual harassment and diversity. Watch the animation here.
  4. Comics for Clients
    2015 is the year that comics when mainstream. I don’t mean the MCU or strange trailers that DC is putting out. For us, this was the year that clients wanted us to make comics for them. From startups, like Broomberg and PressPlay to an established brand like Twenty Four Seven, they all wanted to communicate with their target audiences via visual storytelling that they could access on any device. And comics are an elegant way of doing just that. Read more here.
  5. Instagram Advertising
    And while we didn’t come up with Instagram advertising, we’d been praying for it for a very long time. We’re happy that we can move onto a more visual, more accessible, more popular medium compared to the standard offerings of Facebook. Instagram advertising isnt very popular (yet) and isnt cheap, but its definitely where the market is heading. Read about our experience here.

Oh and before we forget, a Very Happy New Year to you!
May the force be with you!





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