Twenty Four Seven Convenience Stores

We manage Twenty Four Seven's social media presence, graphics, and marketing.

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W for Woman

We redesigned the website for W for Woman, in addition to creating ideas for interactive elements and applications on the site.

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We worked on the design, development and intelligence behind the Accountability Intitiative website

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Messing with Risoprinting

‘Riso’ means ‘ideal’ in Japanese. The Risograph was invented in 1986 by the Japanese company RISO Kagaku Corporation. While it may appear to be nothing more than a humble photocopy machine to the naked eye, the risograph is capable of creating beautiful colour overlays that look almost like brightly coloured silkscreens. Why Riso Printing? One of our non-work office discussions was around Riso Printing. Headant was talking about a book completely dedicated ...

Branding for a mobile operating system – Part II

Finding a concept from a non-existent word is like finding a lost cat that may or may not exist. You don’t know what you are looking for. You don’t even know IF you are looking for something. The last exercise we did for Cube26, had left us going ‘ouch’, ...