Twenty Four Seven Convenience Stores

We manage Twenty Four Seven's social media presence, graphics, and marketing.

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W for Woman

We redesigned the website for W for Woman, in addition to creating ideas for interactive elements and applications on the site.

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We worked on the design, development and intelligence behind the Accountability Intitiative website

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Yeh Feminism, Feminism Kya Hain?

Interactions suck! Even virtual interactions for that matter, especially when the person on the other end is highly informative – providing you with little-known snippets and trivia that you’d never stumble upon by yourself. Like this middle-aged gentleman, I ended up “talking to” via Facebook, who shared with me not one but four trivia about Feminism – The internet is the birthplace of the term. And it’s a term still because the ...

Life’s a Pitch: Liger, Liger, Burning Bright

Pitches are perhaps my favorite part of working in an agency. The thrill of approaching a new client, with your ideas, and looking at their eyes widen in joy, as they go through all the plans you have for them, is a sheer delight. However, while on most occasions the pitches become success stories, there are times when things don’t work out as well as we expect them to. However, ...