We designed HIT's website to better showcase their products, add interactive elements and display latest campaigns.

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W for Woman

We redesigned the website for W for Woman, in addition to creating ideas for interactive elements and applications on the site.

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We worked on the design, development and intelligence behind the Accountability Intitiative website

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Top 5 Tech Fails of 2016

LG G5 Before the phone launched, there was a lot of hype around the LG G5, as it seemed to be LG’s response to the Samsung Galaxy S7. It was expected to be the best LG smartphone ever created, and was expected to give the S7 a run for its money. The LG G5, however, turned out to be a disaster for the company. While LG tried their best, the phone ...

Life’s A Pitch: Get into the loom with CharkhaPair

It wasn’t long ago that an upcoming handloom apparel brand, CharkhaPair, approached us to help them launch their brand online. This was one of those opportunities where a brand didn’t just approach us to provide a specific service but was actually reaching out to us to design their end-to-end communication strategy – which just happens to be our favourite thing to do. At the time of First Contact (which is what ...