We designed HIT's website to better showcase their products, add interactive elements and display latest campaigns.

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W for Woman

We redesigned the website for W for Woman, in addition to creating ideas for interactive elements and applications on the site.

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We worked on the design, development and intelligence behind the Accountability Intitiative website

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Life’s a Pitch: #ReadyToGo with RangBahar

Little known fact: I love makeup! Actually that’s a lie: this is one of the most widely known facts on the planet. My Instagram feed is populated by posts from international beauty brands, to product reviewers, to MUAs (makeup artists, you pleb), to dupe-hunters. I own about 6 different kinds of lip products that, even to my eagle-eyed design team, are all the same colour. Sometimes I feel I am the ...

Ants at UX Now 2016: It’s All About Iterations

‘UX is all about revisions and iterations‘ – This was the theme of the UX Now 2016, held at IIT Delhi earlier this month. I attended the event, and here are my two cents on it: What Confused Me about UX Now The UX Now event, which is supposed to be one of the best UX events in the nation felt rather absurd. Discussing the major theme of ...